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File Upload

Please Order Your Requirements
Before Uploading Files

 To streamline the file submission process, we recommend using popular free file-sharing platforms such as WeSendIt, WeTransfer, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive. These platforms simplify the transfer of large files, ensuring a seamless experience as you submit your documents, images, or designs for printing.

WeSendIt and WeTransfer:

  1. Visit the website: Head to the WeSendIt or WeTransfer website to initiate the file transfer process.
  2. Upload your files: Use the designated "Add" or "+ " button to upload your files. Both platforms support a variety of file types, making it easy to send your print-ready documents.
  3. Enter recipient details: Please use our email address order@printoutlet.us and enter your Order number as subject or title.
  4. Complete the transfer: Click the "Transfer" or "Send" button, and voilĂ ! Your files are on their way to our printing experts. You'll receive a confirmation once the transfer is successful.

Google Drive:

  1. Access Google Drive: Open Google Drive and locate the files you want to print.
  2. Share files: Right-click on the file, select "Share," and enter our printing email address. Specify any additional instructions or preferences in the message box.
  3. Set permissions: Choose the level of access we need (view, comment, or edit) and click "Send." We'll receive an email notification, and your files will be ready for printing.

Microsoft OneDrive:

  1. Visit OneDrive: Head to OneDrive and find the files you wish to print.
  2. Share the files: Right-click on the file, select "Share," and enter our printing email address. Set permissions according to your preferences.
  3. Send the link: Click "Send" to notify us. Please use our email address order@printoutlet.us and the Order number. Once we receive the link, we'll proceed with the printing process.

Submitting your files for printing has never been easier! By utilizing these free file-sharing platforms, you can ensure a smooth and efficient experience, allowing us to bring your creative vision to life. Trust Print Outlet for top-notch quality and service. We can't wait to transform your digital designs into stunning, tangible prints!

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